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Logo Redesign, StationEry revamp and web development

New Branding Revive

Genesis Global Workforce Solutions provides high-quality recruiting and staffing solutions on a Temporary and Contract Project-Based, Retained and Contingency basis, for professionals at all levels. The Company has maintained its corporate brand for several years but, with rapidly evolving technology, and the importance of social media as an essential tool for businesses, Genesis Global Recruiting needs to redesign their strategy and transform it into a platform that is aligned with the current goals of the business and a clear message for their new millennial target audience.

The new logo has been designed to present the brand name in a way that better resonates with its millennial candidates, using a simple, personal, authentic and fun style which speaks to them. The G2 element in the right panel represents the firm initials and democratizing innovations.

Email Communication

Company automatic emails were designed following new brand guideline and HTML best practices in order to comply with common servers like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. UI/UX design focused on user interaction and website’s traffic retention.

desktop vs mobile

Experience Genesis Global’s totally responsive website.

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    nothing left unsaid

    The true power of marketing comes through, and is enhanced, when you develop a strategy and a concept across various platforms and channels ranging from digital to traditional. We integrated email marketing, print, web, and job boards to provide Genesis Global customers the best consumer experience possible.