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The Secrets of the Successful Mindset

As a professional having confidence means you are unstoppable, your actions lead to successes, and the world is in the palm of your hand. That’s a great feeling; a feeling we’ve all had at some point or another. The truth is there is never a bad time to be confident. Wouldn’t you want to feel that way all the time? When you’re successful success gravitates towards you in the form of people and opportunities. Some may call it luck but success is the result of being prepared and having a plan. By following the SquareView system you can be a successful, confident person all the time. Keep in mind this system is a mindset and while it may be easy to implement and follow it isn’t a magic solution that works over-night. The system is like a work-out regimen, its real power is achieved through commitment and consistency, and the longer you stick to it the greater your results. Come follow me to success and confidence.

Here are the 12 steps to achieve all the benefits of a SquareView mindset:

1. Find your “why”.

Do you know your purpose? What are your goals and dreams? If you already know these then chances are you already know your “why” but if not, you have to look within yourself to find them. Your “why” is what gives you your direction. Without a direction it becomes very difficult to be confident and positive. Once you determine your goal: go for it! Start working towards it and don’t give up, you will see how your confidence starts to grow. More importantly, others will see it also. Reevaluate your goals periodically to make sure you are still on the right course or if you need to make adjustments. Remember that making adjustments is never a bad thing; it just shows you’re following your “why”.

2. Steer clear of comparisons.

Today people dedicate too much time to comparing themselves with others. These comparisons drain time, energy, focus, and resources from you without providing a clear benefit. Comparing yourself with others never yields anything positive. No matter how successful you currently are, the time and effort you dedicate to these personal comparisons are both time and effort you could’ve dedicated to something truly productive. Eliminate this negative activity from your repertoire. If you want to compare yourself to somebody, compare yourself to the person you want to be and determine what you have to do to get there.

3. Create solutions, not excuses.

Life is full of problems and you can’t expect to avoid every difficult situation. At some point you will need to solve a difficult situation. The best way to handle this is to be prepared. While we can’t be prepared for everything, we can be prepared for certain situations. This preparation can give us the confidence and clarity to be able to handle other unexpected issues. A true leader and confident person won’t look to make excuses; instead, they will draw upon other experiences and knowledge to solve these situations. When dealing with any situation focus on the solution, don’t waste your time focusing on the problem or on placing blame.

4. Successful thoughts become successful actions.

Like they say, “animals can smell fear,” and as humans we know confidence and success when we see them. Even if you don’t feel 100% confident about a situation, try to maintain a confident appearance and demeanor because it can go a long way. Showing a lack of confidence or giving off a negative vibe can make you lose your leverage or come off as being weak. Use visualization to fill your mind with successful thoughts. The more comfortable and familiar you become with these thoughts, the easier it will be to act them out. Confidence starts in the mind and then is projected outwards.

5. Create positive energy from fear.

Have you ever heard that voice inside you saying you can’t do something? I know we all get that from time to time but the key is how we deal with it. If you listen to that voice it will chip away at your confidence. Shut that voice out! Don’t listen to it! Let the confidence you have inside speak to you, guide you, and prepare you for whatever comes your way. If you have any lingering fear, turn it into a positive. Use that fear to practice more, study more, prepare more, or be more organized or efficient. Fear is a part of life, embrace it and use it to your advantage.

6. Be aware of your “sweet spot”.

Like with point #1, you need to look inside yourself and figure out where your sweet spot lies. Determine what your strengths are and try to put yourself in situations where they can shine. By reinforcing your strengths you gain credibility with people which, leads to greater confidence and success. Remember we all have weaknesses but we don’t have to advertise them. Don’t shine a spotlight on your weaknesses because nobody sells a product by highlighting its deficiencies. Be aware of your weaknesses, work on them, but don’t obsess over them. Always lead with your strengths and bring them to the foreground. If you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t lend itself to your strengths, you may want to stay low-key or if possible try to work-in your abilities in a way that makes sense. Don’t force the issue because it will harm your confidence and can damage your credibility.

7. Give them the full experience.

The human brain processes visual and auditory information much quicker than text. That is why you should always look and sound confident. If you look confident and successful that puts you one step closer to achieving what you want. Always try to look good and dress appropriately for the situation and for your personality. When speaking always use the proper tone for the setting and speak with confidence. Like the saying goes, “Don’t act like your boss, act like his/her boss.” For example, if you are going to give a speech or presentation you may want to rehearse several days before. If you know you will be stepping into a difficult situation you may want to role-play ahead of time. These techniques can help you look and sound confident when you need it most.

8. Be yourself.

We have all seen a person trying to act like somebody they aren’t and they always tend to fall flat on their face. Don’t make that mistake. To be successful and confident you don’t need to act like anyone else, just be yourself. Trying to act like someone else just tells the world a person has a huge lack of confidence. True confidence comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin. We all have positive attributes that we want to make shine but the only way to accomplish that is by demonstrating our true personality. If you are funny, be funny, if you are intellectual then be intellectual. When you are true to yourself your confidence peaks and people take notice. When your real personality is on display you give off a vibe of genuineness and sincerity which people translate into confidence.

9. Always be learning.

Those that call success “luck” do so because they don’t have the SquareView mindset. Success comes from many factors including: preparation, confidence, and knowledge. While luck may be a factor, success shouldn’t be reduced to just luck. Common sense tells us the more we know about a topic the more confident we are about it. The more confident we feel about something the more likely we are to be successful at it. If this works for one area, it can work for another, and another, and so on and so forth…you get the picture. Once you get the “confidence ball” rolling it shouldn’t stop as long as you continue to do your part. If you continue learning and developing new skills your comfort zone, or confidence zone, will start to expand. The number of opportunities available to you will grow as well. If at first you felt confident about 3 areas, now you may feel confident about 5 or 6 and as you keep learning that number can grow to 10, 20, 50, 100, etc. You are in control. As long as you keep learning your confidence will keep growing and your success rate will continue to increase.

10. Say it with body language.

Humans are very visual, that’s why many times body language speaks much louder than words. You may not be talking but your body language is always telling a story. Knowing how to use and read body language is a skill that will increase your confidence and success. Remember that whether you want to or not your body is constantly sending out signals related to your needs, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and intentions. This is accomplished via thousands of movements, gestures, expressions, and actions. The cool thing is that you can learn to read people’s body language as well as learn to control many of your own reactions. Your goal should be to always project a positive, confident body language. Keep in mind some things like: good eye contact, controlled body movements, speaking clearly, and maintaining good posture. There are thousands more but these should get you started. When reading other people take into account their facial expressions, eye contact, attention, voice, posture, breathing, authenticity, and empathy. These factors will give you an indication of how people are reacting to you and how you are being perceived.

11. Defend your ground.

Sometimes others may try to manipulate or influence you but it’s up to you to stop them. First, appraise the situation. If the person is approaching you in a positive manner and giving you valuable feedback or constructive suggestions it may be in your best interest to hear them out and evaluate their advice. It is always good to listen and respect the opinions of others and incorporate them when it makes sense. Remember that two, three, or four heads are always better than one. By acknowledging and accepting the suggestions or ideas or others you are demonstrating you have tremendous confidence in yourself and in the knowledge and abilities or others. Those that lack confidence may be afraid to accept the ideas of others for fear of looking weak or unprepared. Don’t fall into that trap. Now, if a person is trying to intimidate, manipulate, or control you, you need to respectfully defend your position. This is where your knowledge and preparation come into play and your confidence really shines. Present your point of view through your facts, observations, knowledge, experience, etc. No matter how others are behaving you don’t need to insult, criticize, or offend them. Be professional, honest, sincere, and confident because in the end, if your point of view is correct, you can make it prevail.

12. Be respectful at all times.

We have talked about knowing yourself, eliminating fears, being prepared, creating solutions, and having a positive mindset, all in order to increase your confidence and success. To me, this last point is the most important (that’s why I left it for last). All the work, effort and dedication you put into following this system won’t mean a thing unless you combine it with respect towards others. The bottom line is that no one will see you as confident or successful if you don’t show respect. Always take into account how others are receiving or will receive your words, actions, and behaviors. Chances are if you don’t show respect towards them they will categorize you as arrogant or even as a bully. I had the wonderful experience of working at a company where the executive team didn’t respect their employees. I say wonderful because this was an invaluable experience that gave me a first-hand view of the impact a lack of respect has on people. The lack of respect towards others made this executive team seem weak and unprepared. For me, this was an excellent lesson on how not to treat people. Always remember that no matter the situation, success comes from respect.

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Albert Del Rio
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